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Dear the member of the Society for molecular imprinting,

 Hi! I am Toshifumi Takeuchi, Kobe University, a chairman of MIP2020 held in Hiroshima, Japan. The preparation is going well and here, preliminary information is announced. The web site of MIP2020 will be available soon.


1.      Location: Hiroshima, Japan

Please visit the web site for more information on Hiroshima, Japan.


2.      Venue: The International Conference Center Hiroshima (ICCH)

The ICCH is located in Peace Memorial Park close to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the A-Bomb Dome. http://www.pcf.city.hiroshima.jp/icch/english.html

3.      Date: June 21 (Sun) to 26 (Fri), 2020

I hope this period is OK for the attendance of MIP2020 for everybody.

4.      Budget/Costs

The early registration fee for MIP2020 will be €500 to  €600 for academic and €650 to €750 for industry participants, depending upon the fund situation. The fees will be half for students (certificate required).  is NOT included. The fee for accompanying person will be €200 including welcome cocktail, refreshments and lunch for each day, and a half-day tour in Hiroshima. Accommodation and the gala dinner will NOT be included in the registration fee.

We may provide some group discount plans (announced later). 

5.      Accommodation options

There are many hotels around ICCH. In the City of Hiroshima, there are 11,984 hotel rooms, 967 ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) rooms, 547 motel rooms, and 296 hostel rooms. For students, inexpensive rooms (less than €35 per person) will be available at Hiroshima International Youth House (near ICCH); 28 single rooms, 13 twin rooms, 2 big Japanese-tatami mat rooms (shared with several people; Max. 12 and 10, respectively).

A travel agency will take care of your hotels via the web site of MIP2020.

6.      Social activities

1) Gala Dinner (Max 200)

Orizuru Tower (http://www.orizurutower.jp/en/); a new landmark of Hiroshima. This tower is located right across from the A-bomb dome. You may feel the peaceful and urban atmosphere of Hiroshima while enjoying your dinner.

2) A half day excursion to the Miyajima Island, the island known as Divine Island (the Itsukushima Shrine). http://www.miyajima.or.jp/english/event/event01.html

3) A session of A-Bomb Survivor Testimony followed by the visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (http://hpmmuseum.jp/?lang=eng)

We are planning to provide a 1h session of A-bomb Survivor Testimony to share thoughts of world peace in the conference, and visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum next to ICCH (free of charge for the participants).  

7.      Diversity & Inclusivity

Hiroshima is known as one of the peace symbol city in the world, and we will equally treated all participants independent of age, sex, nationality, religious belief, political belief. Currently, we are discussing the possibility of providing a daycare service with Hiroshima City for the attendees who are visiting with children.

8.      Additional Information

Four plenary lectures have already been assigned; they are top Japanese scientists: Prof. Kazuhiro Kataoka (Nanomedicine and DDS, University of Tokyo), Prof. Yasushi Okada (Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, RIKEN), Prof. Takahiro Ochiya (Exosomes and cancers, National Cancer Center, Japan), Prof. Kazuhiko Ishihara (Biomaterials, University of Tokyo), giving talks on their cutting edge technologies.

Posted on 23 February 2019 at 07:35:57 by Toshifumi Takeuchi

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