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Position: Nanomaterials, Biosensing, Fluorescence
Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham + King AbduAziz University
Department: Physics
Address:  Birmingham, Al

Email: Not public

Personal statement:
My current research work is focusing on the detection of Creatinine using molecularly imprinting technique and the luminescence of Nano diamond. I worked on several lab instruments, such as FTIR, Raman emission spectrometer , Horiba spectrometer, AFM, UV-vis spectrometer, Spin coating machine, , and many other lab instruments. Career Inspiration: As Eleanor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” My dream becomes closer and I see my self now teaching science with passion , helping my students at UAB to overcome learning difficulties in Physics, conducting research that helps to overcome our health and environment problem. On the future, I am seeing self ,mentoring my own lab and contributing to spread the knowledge.


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