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The Society for Molecular Imprinting is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in, and advancement of, the science and technology of molecular imprinting. Membership of the Society is obtained through registration on this website. The Society charges no membership fees to join and does not have any intention to do so in the foreseeable future. The Society aims to supports its members through encouraging communication, collaboration and the exchange of concepts and ideas about Molecular Imprinting. The Society is a truly international organisation; its members come from all corners of the globe including the Society Board, who are a group of distinguished scientists from Europe, Asia and America.

For those new to the field, Molecular Imprinting describes a group of technologies that can be used to create specific binding sites (Molecular Imprints) in materials (typically polymers) by preparation in the presence of a molecular template by a self-assembly process. The materials prepared in this manner can be likened to antibodies in terms of their affinity and selectivity of binding, hence the frequently used term 'plastic antibodies'.


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