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Privacy policy

The Society holds the email addresses of its members in a database for the purposes of allowing its members to log-in to the website and to allow the society to contact its members for the purposes of informing them of changes to the website. The database also may include one or more online or offline back-ups held to be able to restore a functioning website in the event of server failure. The Society will never divulge, sell, loan, give away or otherwise reveal its members email addresses other than if required to do so in order to comply with a legal warrant or other instrument of law.

The Society may use the email addresses of individuals to inform them of the outcome of moderation of articles of news, event notifications, blog postings, comments etc. posted by the individual member. The Society may in future use the email addresses of individual members to notify them of messages left by other members on the site for their attention.

Mailing lists: The society may operate one or more email mailing lists to allow broad dissemination of news or other matters of interest or importance to its members. In any such event the Society will enable a means to opt-in or opt-out of receiving messages from the lists.

In addition to holding e-mail addresses, the society may hold additional information in its database such as postal addresses, telephone, fax, cell/mobile telephone numbers etc. Members may elect for certain of this information to be visible on the websites in their individual member profile. Profiles are not visible publicly unless explicitly requested by the member.

Advertising: The site may carry advertising posted by its partner organisations and advertisements hosted by Google and its associated network partners. Advertising is an essential method of funding the website. Individual users of the website should refer to the advertisers for further information as to how this may affect their privacy.


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