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SMI Statutes

Date of Issue: September 17, 1997

§1. Name and Objectives
Article 1. Name and Location
"The Society for Molecular Imprinting", hereby called "the Society", is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, international organization.
The recognized abbreviation of the Society is "SMI".
The Society's secretariat is located at the Department of Pure & Applied Biochemistry, Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lund University, P.O.Box 124, S-221 00 Lund, Sweden.
Article 2. Objectives

The principal objectives of the Society are to:

§2. Organization
Article 3. Organization structure
The Society's affairs are managed by a Society Board, which runs the Society administration, and by a General Assembly, which constitutes the Society's sovereign body. An Administrative Council acts as the Society's executive institution in the way stated in §6.
Article 4. Audit
The administration of the board and the Society's finances are regularly audited by accountants in the way stated in §7.
§3. Members
Article 5. Number of members
The number of members of the Society is unlimited.
Article 6. Types of members

Members of the Society are:

  1. original founding members
  2. honorary members
  3. members accepted after decision of the Society Administrative Council
    1. regular members
    2. student members
Article 7. Membership approval
The Society Administrative Council exerts the right to accept any person, scientific institution, or organization, deemed suitable for membership.
Article 8. Membership resignation/exclusion
All members of the Society are free to retire from membership at any time, by addressing their resignation to the Society Administrative Council.
The Society reserves the right to exclude any member from the Society at any time. For exclusion, the Society Board needs to agree with an absolute majority of two thirds. Excluded members has no additional right to appeal for reinstatement.
Article 9. Membership fee
The members pay a membership fee, which is agreed by the General Assembly. This fee can be adjusted biannually. The membership fee can never be reimbursed.
§4. General Assembly
Article 10. Members
The General Assembly consists of all members of the Society.
Article 11. Obligations

The General Assembly has the following obligations:

Article 12. Meetings
Each Society member holds the right to one vote in the General Assembly votes.

The General Assembly assembles once at the end of every activity period, at a time and place suggested by the Society Board. At this meeting the following issues will be managed:


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