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Job vacancy (open for applications)

This is a test of the job vacancy posting system on mipsoc.org

Starting date for applications: 23 Apr 2014
Closing date for applications: 23 Apr 2021
Location: There is no job, but if there were it would be in the best place to work, like Barry's lab!
Website: http://mipsoc.org/
Description of job:
This would be a more detailed description of the job opportunity, including:
  • start date
  • renumeration
  • length of contract
  • eligibility
  • how to apply
  • job description
Don't forget, jobs could include PhD positions as well as post-docs, industrial and other academic vacancies. Jobs dealing with MIPs or in any related field are acceptable. You may also include a job description as a pdf attachment. 

Posted on 23 April 2014 at 14:16:13 by Mike Whitcombe

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