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Graduate Student Symposium in Kobe just before MIP2020 in Hiroshima

Graduate Student Symposiumon on Bio-relevant Functional Materials in Asia (Kobe, Japan) will be held in Kobe just before MIP2020

Dear the member of the Society for molecular imprinting,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

The MIP2020 organizing committee is pleased to announce that GSS-BFM in Asia 2020 will be held in Kobe, Japan from June 18 to 19, as a satellite symposium of MIP2020 (Hiroshima, from June 21 to 26) for graduate students, pos-docs, young researchers, working on MIPs and bio-relevant functional materials. This symposium was inspired by GSS MIP held in Europe every two years.

The registration fee is free of charge. The partial support your stay in Kobe will be available within the budget contributed by Kobe University and other scientific foundations. Please contact us if you wish.

We would be pleased if you could participate in GSS-BFM in Asia 2020. Please schedule your visit to Japan before MIP2020 and join GSS-BFM in Asia 2020 at Kobe.

Toshifumi Takeuchi, Chairman of MIP2020

GSS-BFM in Asia 2020
Web site: http://www.lab.kobe-u.ac.jp/eng-gss-bfm2020/

Date: June 18 (Thu) - 19 (Fri), 2020
Place: Kobe University Centennial Hall, Rokko Hall
Registration: Please send the registration e-mail including the below information to gss-bfm2020@gold.kobe-u.ac.jp with the subject of "Registration".
1. Your full name (Given name and Family name)
2. Affiliation
3. Title (graduate student, pos-doc, researcher etc)
4. E-mail address
5. Presentation: Yes/No
Registration fee: Free
End of abstract submission: March 31, 2020
Abstract template:
Secretariat: Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University
Secretary : Nori Kawamoto Ms, gss-bfm2020@gold.kobe-u.ac.jp

Posted on 24 December 2019 at 12:02:21 by Toshifumi Takeuchi

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