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Manesiotis group

Group location: United Kingdom (Europe)

Group description:

We are interested in the development of novel, polymerisable receptors tailored to the recognition of specific target compounds of biological interest. We use UV/fluorescence/NMR titration experiments to measure the strength of monomer-template interactions in solution and have access to a range of analytical and characterisation techniques used in the evaluation of polymer performance. These include HPLC (UV/RID), IC, SPE, UV-Vis, NMR (2x 400MHz, 600MHz), MS (incl. MALDI-TOF), FT-IR, Raman, optical and IR microscopy, SEM, TEM and N2 adsorption (BET).

Group address:

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Queen’s University Belfast
David Keir Building
Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5AG
United Kingdom

Contact email: p.manesiotis@qub.ac.uk

Group entry created by Panagiotis Manesiotis on 2015-10-13 13:21:34



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