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Ye Group

Group location: Sweden (Europe)

Group description:
Laboratory of Functional Polymers & Biointerfaces

Our research is focused on development of functional polymers for chemical and biochemical applications. Synthetic polymers with tailor-designed molecular recognition and stimuli-responsive properties are being developed for bioseparation, catalysis and chemical sensing. We also use nanoparticles as building blocks to construct multifunctional assemblies such as colloidosomes and hybrid materials for various applications. Other research activities include nanoimprint lithography, electrospinning, surface characterization, and transition metal catalysis in collaboration with other laboratories.

Contact person: Lei Ye

Group address:
Division of Pure and Applied Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry
Lund University
SE-22100 Lund

Contact email: lei.ye@tbiokem.lth.se

Group entry created by Lei Ye on 2015-10-14 18:42:44



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