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Schrader Group

Group location: Germany (Europe)

Group description:
We, as organic chemists synthesize new functional monomers (charged, neutral, hydrophobic - selective for amino acids) to overcome the literature well known and established functional monomers (acrylic acid, acrylic amide...). Using such monomer libraries can create new and sensitive materials with expected high affinities and selectivity. In our group we do protein imprinted hydrogels and non-imprinted nanoparticles in free solution using our variety of co-monomers.

Group address:
University of Duisburg-Essen
Faculty of Chemistry
Institute for Organic Chemistry I
Universitätsstr. 7
45117 Essen

Group website:

Contact email: thomas.schrader@uni-due.de

Group entry created by Kyra Lueg-Althoff (born Kujawski) on 2018-07-04 14:50:44



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