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Indonesian Research Centre for Veterinary Science (IRCVS)-IAARD,Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia

Group location: Indonesia (Asia)

Group description:
Indonesian Research Center for Veterinary Sciences focuses on program formulation and research evaluation of veterinary research, besides implementing research on exploration, conservation, characterization of microbe veterinary germplasm resources. IVETRI is also providing research on virology, bacteriology, parasitological, mycology, toxicology, pathology, epidemiology, biotechnology, pharmacology, and food safety of animal products.

Group address:
Jalan RE Martadinata No 30 Bogor 16114, Indonesia

Group website:

Contact email: seemunawar@gmail.com

Group on Facebook:

Group entry created by Hasim Munawar on 2018-08-08 10:22:13



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