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Showing profile for Prof. Huiqi Zhang PhD

Position: Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Institution: Nankai University
Department: Institute of Polymer Chemistry
Address: Chemistry Building
 94 Weijin Road
 Nankai District
 Tianjin City, 300071

Web: http://chem.nankai.edu.cn/dt.aspx?n=A000616858
Email: Not public
Telephone: +86 2223 507193
Cell: Not public
Fax: Not public

Personal statement:

Our research interests are the design and synthesis of biomimetic and intelligent polymers, with main focus on molecularly imprinted polymers and reactive photoresponsive liquid crystalline polymers. Based on our recently developed controlled/living radical polymerization techniques (Eur. Polym. J. 2013, 49: 579-600), we have been working on the controlled preparation of small organic analytes-imprinted hydrophilic micro- or nanoparticles that are of controlled sizes and low polydispersities and compatible with real, undiluted biological and food matrices (e.g., pure milks and serums) (Polymer 2014, 55: 699-714) and their applications in bioseparation, chemical sensing, and controlled drug delivery.


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