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Position: Patent attorney candidate
Institution: König . Szynka . Tilmann . von Renesse Patent Attorneys mbB
Department: Chemistry and Technology
Address: Mönchenwerther Strasse 11
 40545, Dusseldorf

Web: http://ksvr.net/home-en/
Email: kyra.kujawski@uni-due.de
Telephone: Not public
Cell: Not public

Social media and scholarly resources
Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kyra_Kujawski

Personal statement:
Dear MIP community,

I really enjoyed being an active part and participant within the MIP community and its conferences. I finished my university career and received my PhD and switched to industry. Or more precisely to a patent law firm.

I hope we still can stay in contact - if you for example need an expert who knows the MIP technologies and the patent law, do not hesitate to contact or recommend me.

Best wishes,
Kyra Lueg-Althoff


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