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Showing profile for Prof. Bernard Green Ph.D.

Position: Chief Scientific Officer
Institution: Semorex Inc. and Semorex Technologies Ltd.
Address: 16 Einstein Street
 Ness Ziona, 70400

Web: http://www.semorex.com
Email: Not public
Telephone: +972 8940 3342
Cell: Not public
Fax: +972 8940 3362

Personal statement:
My academic and industrial research has been focussed on understanding and applying selective molecular recognition (source of name Semorex), especially to address biomedical problems.  Imprinted polymers epitomize our interests; indeed, Semorex' first patent involved MIPs designed to selectively remove toxic substances from the gastrointestinal tract.  Semorex pioneered in developing chemically reactive MIPs that are selective for analogs of chemical warfare agents such as sarin and soman.  Current efforts are directed to developing novel protein-binding, imprinted polymer technologies.    


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