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Job vacancy (closed)

Optical Sensors for Phosphate

Starting date for applications: 30 Oct 2017
Closing date for applications: 15 Nov 2017
Location: Queen's University Belfast, N. Ireland, UK
Website: https://hrwebapp.qub.ac.uk/tlive_webrecruitment/wrd/run/ETREC107GF.open?VACANCY_ID=2009408hgm&WVID=6273090Lgx&LANG=USA
Description of job:
To be an active member of a research team assisting in the commercialisation of an optical sensor for phosphate (P), based on previously developed technology. This will involve, functional monomer and polymer synthesis and characterisation, evaluation of P binding and colour response using a variety of analytical methods, and the development of several prototype sensors for field tests. An integral part of the project will be discovery and engagement with potential stakeholders and future customers, conduct of market analysis, and development of a business plan towards the commercial launch of a product by the end of the project. The post holder will be responsible for the planning and delivery of the research and commercialisation activity within this project so that the overall objectives of the project are met. The post is supported by Invest NI via the Proof of Concept scheme. This is a 15-month project and the post is available immediately.

For more information, contact Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis.

Posted on 30 October 2017 at 22:45:50 by Panagiotis Manesiotis

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